Modern Warrior

The story and sound of a combat veteran's journey




"Post-traumatic Growth: positive psychological change experienced as a result of adversity and other challenges in order to rise to a higher level of functioning."

Modern Warrior is an autobiographical music drama detailing a soldier’s life in the military and transition home. Through live touring performances and collaborative residencies, Modern Warrior seeks to build bridges between veteran and civilian communities by educating, entertaining and inspiring – all while redefining the discussion that currently surrounds our veteran community.

The script is written and narrated by Staff Sergeant Jaymes Poling, who spent 36 months in Afghanistan as an infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Division.  

The musical score was composed by renowned jazz trumpeter Dominick Farinacci, recently named Global Ambassador to Jazz at Lincoln Center under Wynton Marsalis. This collaborative presentation of narration, music & multimedia creates a compelling platform for civilians to gain a deeper understanding of veterans, while providing an introspective journey for veterans themselves.

Through this performance, our goals are to:

1. strengthen dialogue between veteran and civilian communities

2. combat social implications of the PTSD stigma

3.  explore pathways to post-traumatic growth 

Announcing Official Partnership with the United War Veterans Council

From:                  The United War Veterans Council

PR Contact:         Gladwyn Lopez / 212-843-9231 /

                           Pat Smith / 212-843-8026 /

Date:                   Monday, June 20th, 2017

For Immediate Release


[NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 19, 2017] To help raise awareness of PTS, Post-Traumatic Growth, and to build a civilian culture of understanding, the United War Veterans Council (UWVC), producer of the New York City Veterans Day Parade, has formed a partnership with the creators of music drama Modern Warrior, UWVC President Dan McSweeney announced today.

“We are honored to partner with Modern Warrior to help bring awareness to PTS while at the same time, recognizing the potential for growth in adversity,” said McSweeney. “This project is an ideal vehicle for educating the public about life in the military in an engaging way and shines a light on the hurdles facing veterans upon returning from service and transitioning to civilian life.”

Currently in the production and development phase, Modern Warrior is an autobiographical music drama of a soldier’s life in the military and transition home. Modern Warrior seeks to build bridges between veteran and civilian communities through live performances, collaborative workshops and panel discussions, in order to inform, entertain and inspire, while de-stigmatizing our veterans.

Staff Sergeant Jaymes Poling (co-creator of Modern Warrior) says, “By focusing on the relatable human experiences, we are able to build and strengthen commonalities between the civilian and veteran communities. This gives us a common starting point as we work to combat social implications of the PTS stigma, encourage communication between veterans and their loved ones and explore pathways to Post-Traumatic Growth.”

Narrated by Poling - who spent 36 months in Afghanistan as an infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Division - with a musical score composed by trumpeter and co-creator Dominick Farinacci —- who served as the first Global Ambassador to Jazz at Lincoln Center under Wynton Marsalis — Modern Warrior creates an accessible platform for civilians to gain a deeper understanding of veterans, while providing an introspective journey for veterans themselves.

Farinacci says, “Music is an expression of the human condition and has always been that common ground between communities. Bringing together a powerful story through the lens of music, we want to help develop a better informed and empathetic community, nurturing a deeper culture of support.”

Once the full on-stage production is complete, the creators plan to establish Modern Warrior residencies nationally at performing arts centers, schools, festivals, military bases (national and international), VFWs, and health centers, etc.; and are partnering with local and national veteran organizations, psychologists and arts and wellness programs to help provide concrete avenues of assistance for those in need.

As part of UWVC’s partnership with Modern Warrior, plans are in development to schedule a performance and a panel discussion to take place in New York City during Veterans Week. For further details visit or connect on Facebook at; and to learn more about the United War Veterans Council, visit A trailer for Modern Warrior can be viewed at

About United War Veterans Council The United War Veterans Council, Inc. (UWVC) is a 501-(c) (19) non-profit organization that honors and supports veterans and their families through advocacy, services, and sustainability programs. We produce the NYC Veterans Day Parade, the largest commemoration of service in the nation. Since our inception, the UWVC has been a non-political, non-partisan organization, with no agenda or purpose other than convening and mobilizing diverse communities to ensure government, the private sector, and the general public expand their support for veterans and their families. We represent the mosaic of the veterans’ community, encompassing veterans of all eras and backgrounds. / FB / Twitter.



Jaymes Poling grew up in Warren, Ohio and enlisted in the US Army at the age of 17. He was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg, North Carolina as an infantryman. During his eight years with the division, he spent 36 months fighting in Afghanistan across three separate tours.

Jaymes currently manages Veterans Affairs at John Carroll University, and spends time working to help veterans find their own peace after war.


Trumpeter Dominick Farinacci has been recently credited the title Global Ambassador to Jazz at Lincoln Center by Wynton Marsalis, working to further integrate jazz into communities around the world. He graduated from The Juilliard School in 2005 launching his career in Japan with a prolific run of eight albums, later releasing two more globally. He has performed in more than 120 cities in 14 countries around the world, was a featured guest on ABC’s Good Morning America, and is a TED Speaker. Music icon Quincy Jones says of Dominick’s accomplishments in performance, recording, education & advocacy, “This kid is 360 degrees!”

His most recent recording “Short Stories” is produced by Tommy LiPuma. This is Tommy & Dominick’s first collaboration, and was recorded in their hometown of Cleveland at the Tommy LiPuma Center for the Arts. “Short Stories” brings together popular songs from around the globe surrounded by some of the greatest artists in music, and was made possible in part by generous support from NOIA. It is scheduled for worldwide release in 2016.

In addition to touring around the world with his band, Dominick has been successful in his personal endeavors on bringing music into the community through Arts and Wellness & Education. He was invited by TED to be a TED Speaker at the 2014 TED MED conference at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. He is a featured performer for the Cleveland Clinic in both Ohio and Abu Dhabi, and organized the very first jazz performance for patients in Abu Dhabi in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic and the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation. For Dominick, music and health go hand in hand, most recently organizing panel discussions around patient-doctor communication through music with Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar.

Dominick has been a leading advocate in music education development, most recently featured at the Community College Association of America in D.C. He served as Music Consultant to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, and initially launched a music education program at the Tommy LiPuma Center for Creative Arts in Cleveland, Ohio, which brought together 30+ international artists involving over 3,000 students. This successful initiative has since expanded to the GCC, in schools such as Weill Cornell Medical College, Qatar Music Academy, the American School of Doha among others.

Click HERE to visit Dominick's website