Modern Warrior

The story and sound of a combat veteran's journey

“Modern Warrior helps to heal the mental scars of war.”

-       Anthony Principi

Vietnam Combat Veteran & Secretary of Veterans Affairs – 2001-2005

The MODERN WARRIOR EXPERIENCE is a program that collaborates with veterans in local communities throughout the nation, empowering them to share their story through our unique Modern Warrior initiative. Our team of writers and artists work with each veteran to help tell the story they want to share, through their own words. This collaboration culminates in a live and private performance of each veteran (inviting only who they want to hear their story) and the Modern Warrior team. Each veteran receives a film of their performance to keep.

The Modern Warrior Experience works closely with veteran and mental health organizations throughout the process.


“Just to be able to share is helping me a lot, to get past what had happened. I’m also feeling that post-traumatic growth…and I want to share my story to help people who are feeling like victims, to move from a victim to a survivor.”

– Constance (MW Experience participant)

 “I can tell my story over and over, but if I don’t put feelings or connections to it, it’s just a story being told. Doing this with Modern Warrior, we’re really connecting the feelings to it, having the music and bringing those emotions to it. It’s important for us to really attack the sickness of PTSD…if we don’t bring that to the surface, how are we going to be able to adapt to what it does to us. This is a great way to get the (veteran) community together, and explain to the civilian world what we’re going through.”

 – Dustin (MW Experience participant)

“To have a veteran participate in the Modern Warrior Experience really draws out those traumatic experience they had in a unique way.”

– Jack (Veteran & Executive Director of NEOPAT)

“Through this, I started realizing I could communicate with my family about things I couldn’t communicate with them before.”

- Jaymes (Veteran & MW Creator)

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